What can happen when your Identity is Stolen

  • Protect yourself from Identity Theft.

    An estimated 19 Million Consumers had their Identity stolen in 2017.

    It is predicted by industry experts that 2 in 5 will be victims of ID theft in 2018.

    With the SCANBLOCK Card in your wallet, you don't need to always question yourself, about the intent of suspicious people around you. Why take the RISK?   

    Protect yourself from the Difficult and costly process of trying to Restore your Credit and Identity.

    We have all heard about it and maybe even experienced it. People who haven't done anything wrong, now refused boarder crossings, denied loans and mortgages, even refused boarding a plane because someone has stolen their identity.   

    Who knows what they will use your identity for and in what countries?

    One thing for sure, the process of clearing your name or a loved one's name from credit reporting agencies and collection companies can be a long and stressful process.

    Keep your ID protected with the SCANBLOCK Card.

    Protect yourself from Monetary loss of Credit and Debit Cards.

    Hackers can buy products online with ease once they have skimmed your TAP & GO Credit and Debit Cards from your wallets and purses and even take out new cards and credit using your ID ... all in a matter of a few minutes without you even knowing they're doing it.

    Protect your Family and Friends by letting them know about SCANBLOCK.

    It couldn't be more meaningful to apply the words CARING is SHARING when it comes to informing and educating family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances about the invaluable protection of the SCANBLOCK Card.  

    As important as the smoke alarm is for the protection of your family and home, SCANBLOCK is as equally important for the protection of your Identity.

    If someone is sitting a couple of metres away from you at another table in a restaurant for example, inconspicuously attempting to skim the TAP & GO Cards in your wallet, they'll fail ... because the SCANBLOCK Card in your wallet is there to jam and block the 13.56 MHz signal that your bank cards use.  

    The ILLEGAL SKIMMING ATTEMPT WILL FAIL! You're Protected with SCANBLOCK everywhere!

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