Our Partnered Company ... has 55 years of proven performance!

Get Rewarded with the Shop N' Save Membership APP when you buy 5 or more SCANBLOCK Cards!


$22+ billion

Member SAVINGS since 1962 Catalogue Book


Opportunities to SAVE on APP

$3+ billion

Raised by Fundraisers

Participating Merchants in 42 States in the U.S. and 9 Provinces across Canada. A total of 10,000 plus participating cities.

SHOP, SAVE and have Identity Protection all in ONE!

Protection against Identity & Monetary theft for you and your Family

Digital SHOP & SAVE Membership FREE for an entire year with your order of 5 or more

2 for 1 and up to 50% off when shopping at over 10,000 participating merchants! Show the APP & SAVE!

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Get Rewarded with Great Brand Name Savings


  • ONE year Digital Entertainment SHOP & SAVE Membership. This Special Gift Offer will entitle you to receive 2 for 1 deals and up to 50% savings off brand name products and services.

    Save On
  • Fine & Casual Dining
    Fast Food & Carryout
    Activities & Attractions
  • Gift Cards
    Shopping & Services
    Movie Tickets
    Hotels, Car Rentals & Airlines
    Travel & so much more

Show, Shop & Save for things you're going to buy anyway


  • It really is that easy! Just Show your Membership on your smartphone. The participating Merchant recognizes your Digital Membership and now you’re off to great shopping for special discounted rates offered by participating merchants in your community and around the city.

    Offered in more than 42 participating states in the U.S. and 9 cities across Canada. When you travel, you'll have access to local merchants at all these cities by simply SHOWING & SHOPPING

Offset the cost of your ScanBlock Card the first time you use your Savings APP


  • Your SCANBLOCK does not only give you peace of mind and protect you against identity theft, now it can also give you a road to great savings on your smart phone to easily offset the cost of the SCANBLOCK Card with your first purchase.

    The Mobile App has a Built-in Geo-locator which finds nearby discounts and displays them on your phone! This is also a great feature when you’re ON-the-GO or traveling because you simply show your phone to receive the discount anywhere through participating merchants!

Giving back to help communities and schools


  • A WIN for YOU because you save money on the things you do every day, while staying protected through SCANBLOCK.

    It's a WIN for Merchants because they grow their business and it's also a Win for us because we're given the opportunity to expand our SCANBLOCK message for Identification and Monetary Protection!

    The Digital Savings Membership APP also helps our schools and community groups raise the funds they need. SCANBLOCK partnership helps us grow by connecting to a network of community and corporate partners. 

Just Show and Shop … it’s that easy to start Saving!


  • Your high-valued SHOP n' SAVE Membership allows you to save thousands throughout the year when you order your SCANBLOCK SHOP Card for $39.95 which includes the SCANBLOCK Protection. We're hoping you recognize the need to CARE & SHARE it forward for safe shopping and great savings to people in and outside of your circle.

    They will be glad you brought this identity theft concern to light and for showing them how they can stay protected by simply placing a SCANBLOCK Card in their wallet ... all the while getting use of their own Digital SHOW & SHOP Membership.

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