No Monthly or Annual Fees. ONE-TIME cost only!


  • WITH OTHER COMPANIES you may be required to pay monthly or annual fees plus activation fees and / or subscription costs.
    NOT WITH US! You will never be asked to pay any monthly or annual fees or dues for your SCANBLOCK Card ... EVER!

    You pay once and you own it for Life and it is ISO rated for 100,000 scans.

    That's our promise and commitment to you! You buy the Card as a ONE-TIME Purchase price of only $35. If you purchase two or more Scanblock Cards you'll receive a FREE ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP of our DIGITAL SHOP n' SAVE APP and depending on how many Cards you buy, you will also receive multi APPs for family members.  

    If you choose to renew your Shop N' Save APP next year, a small renewal fee will apply, but you never pay any renewal fees for your SCANBLOCK Card.

    Now you just simply place the Card in the centre of your wallet to stay protected for your security and peace of mind. There is nothing to activate and nothing to charge up. The Card functions and powers up on intruding RFID signals and powers down when the threat has ceased. A SCANBLOCK Smart Card that always works to keep you shielded against electronic pic-pocketing.  Most of our client cardholders say they would never leave home without it!

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