94% of your Customers will share your business with others

That's the Value of Custom Printed SCANBLOCK Cards for your Company

While it works to protect your customers, it works for you!

As a Business Card

As a Gift Card

As a Referral Card

As a Marketing Card

As a Loyalty Card

As an Appreciation Card

The Great Lead Generator

  • When your Customers are under the SCANBLOCK Card protection in their purse or wallet, the offender receives a broken, disabled RFID signal making the electronic theft attempt unsuccessful.

    The offender then likely moves on to target another unsuspecting victim that may unfortunately not have a SCANBLOCK Card in their wallet.   

    That's why we urge Businesses to let people know in their community how to protect themselves by gifting them this invaluable SCANBLOCK Card.

    It's been proven that Cardholders always CARE to SHARE the value of SCANBLOCK by referring your business to others and that helps you gain business exposure and recognition ... and the kudos are all yours too!  

    In fact, 94% of consumers polled said they would continue to share the SCANBLOCK technology and protection benefits without hesitation, because it's protection everyone should have.

    It's not just Credit and Debit Cards that are affected, it can be your ePassport and even your Transit ID Card, Driver's License and Health Card if the state or province where you reside or visit has implemented the electronic scan system on the 13.56 MHz RFID band wave. Even your office or condo entry can easily be hacked if it's an RFID.    

    SCANBLOCK represents the  Perfect Business Card that keeps advertising for you through your Customer base. Your Customers inadvertently become invaluable salespeople ... with every lead for you being a freebie.

    The SCANBLOCK Card stays in your Customer's wallet and purses 24/7 and goes where ever they go.  Your Customers will  feel the NEED, a sense of duty to share the info and educate about the RISK of NOT having SCANBLOCK, and every time they do, you benefit.  

    SCANBLOCK is a good way to drive traffic to your business on location and online. There has never been a promotional product that is so high in demand by consumers as our SCANBLOCK technology. It's something consumers just don't want their family and friends to do without!  Sharing is CARING when it comes to SCANBLOCK!  

    Let your Community know how to help protect themselves against identity theft from this new invasion of Electronic Pickpocketing.   

Let us imprint your Company Name on the SCANBLOCK Card. It makes the perfect Gift Card!

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