• RFID, or (Radio Frequency Identification), is the transmission of data over open airwaves that banks use for your credit card and debit card payments at store and business terminals where ever you shop and that can "alarmingly" be intercepted by anyone with a RFID reader or NFC enabled smartphone from any where, whether you are having a coffee in your local cafe or shopping for groceries.

    The jamming technology found in SCANBLOCK was developed because consumers and users, were not satisfied with the level of protection (or lack there of) in the marketplace to protect our credit and debit cards & ePassport data from being wirelessly skimmed.

    After researching the RFID protection, we recognized that products like RFID blocking wallets or shielding sleeves, could often still be penetrated, leading to potential financial losses or even worse … identity theft. This compelled us to look for another solution and our solution allows you to keep your favourite wallet ... because all you need now is our Smart Scanblock Card.
    SCANBLOCK electronically jams the frequency these credit and debit cards & ePassports communicate over, (that being the 13.56 MHz signal).  SCANBLOCK offers a preferable solution to protecting consumers personal data from wireless skimming.   

    You simply place your SCANBLOCK Card in the middle of your wallet ... it's that easy. For larger purses we suggest ordering two for maximum protection against credit and debit card skimming.

    We're always glad when our customers connect with us to tell us how surprised their family, friends and co-workers were to learn how easy it was to have their identity stolen and then how relieved they were when they were educated about the SCANBLOCK solution to keeping their Credit and Debit Cards and personal data protected.

    And it's further inspiring to hear that these new recipients of the knowledge of SCANBLOCK also now share the technology modernization with others in their circle ... and so on and so on. Sharing the news helps the community become aware and those who received an introduction to SCANBLOCK are always grateful to you for bringing it to their attention.  

    For Businesses who recognize the benefits of imprinting their Company Name and LOGO as a GIFT Card, we offer a great price for customization and a great marketing tool that keeps on referring!

    We are so inspired and grateful by the CARE to SHARE with family and friends by our Cardholders, that we thought the least we can do to give a little back by providing FREE ONE year Digital Entertainment Memberships to people who order six (2) or more SCANBLOCK Cards from our Company.

    A great Savings APP that allows you 2 for 1 deals and savings of up to 50% off travel, dining, lodging, entertainment, car rentals, cruises, home trades, attractions, movies, shopping and other day to day uses. So now in addition to keeping your identity safe from Electronic skimming, you'll be able to provide the same protection for family members while all members also get rewarded with the full use of this

    Digital Savings APP ... that can save Members thousands of dollars when shopping over a years period.

    Your very first use of the Digital Membership can easily pay for your SCANBLOCK Card(s) many times over.

    The Digital Savings APP connects you to over 500,000 opportunities to save. With coverage in 10,000 + cities across the U.S. and Canada.

    With SCANBLOCK, identity protection and savings are with you wherever you go.  (Please understand that the Digital Savings Membership Plan does not apply to customize printed  SCANBLOCK Cards for Businesses).

    However, if you are Company that would like to learn more, please contact our promotional support team at support@scanblock.ca. Please leave a preferable time to return your call. Perhaps we can arrange a cost plan that suits your needs with a mutually rewarding result.

    SCANBLOCK Card Inc. ... is a Federal Corporation, Canadian Owned and Operated Company providing you with electronic RFID blocking of unwanted inbound 13.56 MHz signals by simply placing the SCANBLOCK Card in your wallet.

    Safety & Peace of Mind for you and your family!