It's just not a SCANBLOCK Card for your Customers;

... it's also the Perfect ALL-in-ONE Business Card, Gift Card and Referral Card for your Company!

Promotional ScanBlock Cards

There's never been a Card that can do so much for your Business


  • ASK YOURSELF; if a company were to provide you with a FREE SCANBLOCK Card to help protect you against identity theft, would you feel the need share this invaluable SCANBLOCK Protection information with your family, friends and co-workers?

    If you answered yes, that should be PROOF POSITIVE that your Customers will do the same. Aside from SCANBLOCK doing a great job protecting against electronic pick pocketing for your customers, it also acts as a Business Card, a Promo Card, a Gift Card, a Referral Card ... all in ONE! Everything your Customer Cardholders need right in their wallet to recommend your Company time and time again, year after year.

We'll imprint your Company Name and Logo on the ScanBlock Card


  • Have you ever asked yourself; what can I do to get my Customers to keep my business cards in their wallets and share it with family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances? Well, we can't think of a better reason for your Customers to WANT TO DO EXACTLY THAT for years to come because your Company SCANBLOCK anti-theft Card is something they just don't want to do without!

    That's supported by 94% of participating polled consumers. With numbers like that, shouldn't you be giving away the SCANBLOCK Gift Card to your Customers with your Company Name and Logo imprinted on the Card. Designed to increase Business exposure and continually generate referrals.

Proven to be the most cost effective promo GIFT ... that Customers will keep


  • As your Customers also feel the need to CARE and SHARE the SCANBLOCK Protection Card value with others, more and more people will discover the security value of the Card and remember, each SCANBLOCK Card is customized and imprinted with your Company Name and Logo. Since everyone has their own circle, your Business can quickly benefit as most people will feel compelled to warn and educate others. Each time they do, your Company gets the credit, the kudos and the recognition that can result in additional product/service sales.

    The SCANBLOCK Card is the best Marketeer that can continue to generate referrals and leads for many years, because the Card never leaves your Customer's wallet.  

Your Customers will thank you many times over with loyalty and referrals!


  • They'll be grateful you took the time and effort, and that you absorbed their retail cost of the Card as a Complimentary Gift to them. In return, they'll likely remain loyal clients and probably won't hesitate to pull out their Card to recommend you when the opportunity arises. 

Customers will feel compelled to recommend your Company


  • It's human nature to "CARE and SHARE" especially when you are sharing important information like protecting people's credit & debit cards, their data and identification. Educating family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances about the benefits and security of the SCANBLOCK Card from the ever increasing likelihood of electronic ID theft, is simply an instinctive thing to do.

    That's great news for you because this can repeatedly result in new customers, since your Company Name, LOGO and Promo Message will be imprinted on the Card they exhibit. 

Cost Effective & Simple!


  • SCANBLOCK, the most cost effective Card ever created that stays in peoples wallets and keeps on referring. ONE Card can direct new Customers to your Business time and time  again for many years ... all for only $1 a year per Customer Cardholder.  

    There is no activation required, no subscription or forms to complete, and the Card lasts a lifetime and never needs charging because the Card powers up when intruding signals are present and powers down when you're home. This is a Card most people don't want to do without for obvious security reasons, and that could not be a better news for you ... if you have your Company Name, LOGO and Promo Message imprinted on the Card. 

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Share the invaluable SCANBLOCK technology with Family, Friends and Co-workers. They'll be glad you did!  500 Custom Printed SCANBLOCK Cards with your Company Name, Logo and Promo Message. Please email us for additional bulk order quotes at 


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