The SCANBLOCK Card Technology


The SCANBLOCK Card for Contactless Cards was designed to be practical, easy to use and provide protection for a standard men’s bi-fold wallet and all of the cards contained within. We suggest placing two in a typical woman’s wallet since they are often longer.

This new Smart SCANBLOCK technology has a passive electronic module embedded in the Card that breaks the 13.56 MHz signal that all Credit Cards and Debit Cards carry to make shopping quicker and more convenient ... with their TAP & GO contactless features. Industry experts make the comparison; as important as a smoke alarm is for the safety and protection of your family and your home, SCANBLOCK is equally as important ... for the safety and protection of you and your family's identity and money.

The moment your wallet is targeted by the radio wave emitting from the scanner of the criminal e-pickpocket, your SCANBLOCK Card will receive this signal. It's almost impossible for you personally to identify criminals as they can walk by you skimming person to person and they can even be successful in their crime from metres away. 

There are no unusual signs or behaviour that really stands out. These hackers look like they are going about normal everyday things to do on their smart phone when in reality, they could be skimming your identity.

These intruding signals are coming in on the 13.56 MHz radio frequency,  used on most contactless cards, and on all contactless debit and credit cards. The signal travels around the antenna of the card to the chip, the brain of the Card.

The chip uses this energy to return another radio signal, forming an invisible e-shield all around your wallet. 

This e-shield repels the attacking signal, jamming it and blocking it until it goes away. When it goes away the SCANBLOCK Card powers back down again. It effectively repels the attack.

There are no batteries required because the SCANBLOCK Card technology is a PASSIVE device, that means that it is powered up by the intruding signal that your SCANBLOCK Card receives, intercepts and blocks!

Just let the SCANBLOCK Card work for you 24/7 ... every time an intruding attempt is made when you don't even know it's happening. The peace of mind alone is well worth the nominal one-time cost and if you purchase the SCANBLOCK Shop Card, you'll also benefit from Digital SHOP n' SAVE deals through participating merchants that can save you thousands of dollars when shopping throughout the year. 

does not have a problem with airport scanners. The SCANBLOCK Card, although it may be detected by the airport scanner x-ray, will not affect it in anyway, and will be passed through. 

The SCANBLOCK Card for Contactless Cards should last a lifetime. Since it doesn’t require batteries and is a passive device, meaning that it is powered up by the energy that it receives, the chip is rated to last for 100,000 protection cycles, which is equivalent to a hacker attempting to steal your information every day for about 273 years! Don't think you'll need the Card that long.    

SCANBLOCK ... to help protect families, friends and co-workers against monetary loss and identity theft.

SCANBLOCK helps to eliminate the real possibility of security breach hacking.

Most SCANBLOCK users say it's something they would NOT want their family members and friends to do without. SCANBLOCK gives you the peace of mind that you and your family are safe no matter where they go!

Card Size: 85.5* x 54 mm.

Blocking Technology: Passive Electronic Module - Signal Field Blocker (No Battery Required)

Power Generated: Charges via proximity to Pay Terminals and strengthens when skimming is attempted that results in a stronger Shield Block against data breach.  

Blocking RF Frequency:
13.56 MHz

Blocking RF Interface: ISO14443, ISO15693

Share the Technology to Secure Identity and Monetary Protection.

An estimated 19 Million people were victims of identity theft in 2017 in Canada and the U.S.

It is predicted that 2 in 5 will have their identity or money stolen electronically in 2018.

We have made it cash rewarding for you to Share the Technology and make people aware.

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