How to Test your SCANBLOCK Card

We test all Cards first


  • We would like to let you know that we double test all SCANBLOCK Cards before we ship them out to our customers. It's first tested internationally in accordance with International Standard Quality check (ISO). Then we test it here in our business central to check on its effectiveness in normal temperatures and also when the card has been exposed to hot and cold temperatures.  

Test the Card Yourself


  • If you would like to test it yourself, it's quite easy to do. Simply go to your local supermarket or cafe or where ever you find a TAP n' GO pay terminal which is just about at every retail outlet. With your SCANBLOCK Card placed in the center of your wallet alongside your debit and credit card(s), scan or tap the wallet over the PayPass machine. The PayPass machine terminal should not recognize the RFID signal and therefore not accept. 
  • If you want to prove the protection further, take a TAP n' GO credit card (PayPass Card) out of your wallet and place the SCANBLOCK Card on top or underneath it.  Scan or tap the over the PayPass machine. The PayPass machine terminal should again not accept it. 
  • The SCANBLOCK Card will always block the RFID signal every time, every place where the RFID 13.56 MHZ signals are applied through banking systems around the corner and around the world!  It is rated for over 100,000 intruding hacks which means it will never let you down.