Personal ScanBlock Card


  • This Card is for personal / individual use. You can order one for yourself or order more to protect your entire family. Also makes a thoughtful gift any time of the year and for any occasion. If you order 6 SCANBLOCK Cards, you'll also  receive a FREE ONE Year Digital Savings Membership that saves you money when shopping for things you use every day. A Savings Card with thousands of brand named products and services in over  10,000 U.S. cities including 9 cities and regions across Canada. Use it here at home and when traveling abroad.

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FREE Digital SHOP n' SAVE APP when you order 2 or more SCANBLOCK Cards


  • Caring is Sharing - you'll receive a ONE year Digital Savings APP Membership. This Special Gift Offer will entitle you to 2 for 1 Deals and up to 50% Savings off brand name products and services for everyday shopping.

    Save On
    Fine & Casual Dining
    Fast Food & Carryout
    Activities & Attractions
    Gift Cards
    Shopping & Services
    Movie Tickets
    Hotels, Car Rentals & Airlines
    Travel & so much more!

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The Perfect GIFT Card


  • It's a Gift Card, a Business Card, a Show Card, a Promotional Card and a Referral Card ... all built in to ONE Card that can continue to generate leads for you for years to come, because the Card will be customized with your Company Name, LOGO and Promotional Message. Most important, this is a Card Customers don't want to do without and that means it will stay in the wallets and purses of your customers, all the while protecting them against electronic pick-pocketing.

    Each time they show someone, your Company gets the credit, the recognition and the kudos for doing something kind and caring for your customer ... and that can go along way in building loyalty that will likely result in more customers coming to your place of business on location and online.

    There has never been a promotional card product like SCANBLOCK ... EVER!

    Our consumer polls show that 94% of Cardholders will choose to SHARE your customized card within the first 24 hours of receiving, by showing and explaining the Protection value of their SCANBLOCK Card to family, friends and co-workers, even acquaintances and community folks striking up a conversation while waiting in a bank line for example, or medical patient lounge, on a plane or in a grocery store line, or while in commute.

    Even while walking your dog in the park when meeting up with other dog walkers. People feel the NEED to share this security information with others.

    The SCANBLOCK Card ... with your Company Name imprinted on the Face side of the Card can speak for you almost everywhere. The Perfect REFERRAL Marketeer! Every customer who carries the SCANBLOCK Card will  inadvertently become an invaluable sales person for you ... keeping your customers loyal and adding more customers to your base for years to come.

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The SCANBLOCK Technology


  •  SCANBLOCK kept in the center of the wallet, effectively breaks the signal so the criminal skimming attempt is shielded and blocked as close as 3.8 cm. Your private information has been Protected! This new Smart SCANBLOCK technology has a passive electronic module embedded in the Card that breaks the 13.56 MHz signal that all Credit Cards and Debit Cards carry to make shopping quicker and more convenient ... with their TAP & GO contactless features.

    Industry experts say; as important as a smoke alarm is for the safety and protection of your family and your home, SCANBLOCK is equally as important ... for the safety and protection of you and your family's identity. SCANBLOCK helps to eliminate the real possibility of security breach hacking.  

    Imprinted Cards "Compliments of your Company Name" or we'll create your custom design.