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1. Q/ Is the SCANBLOCK Card capable of protecting my whole wallet and all Contactless  Cards inside?

A/ Yes, the SCANBLOCK Card for Contact-less Cards was designed to be practical, easy to use and provide protection for a standard men’s bi-fold wallet and all of the cards contained within. We suggest placing two in a typical woman’s purse/wallet since they are often larger. 

2. Q/ How does SCANBLOCK for Contactless Tap and Go Cards actually work?

A/ The moment your wallet is targeted by the radio wave emitting from the scanner by electronic pic-pocketers, your SCANBLOCK Card will jam the signal so that you are shielded from the attack.  It's almost impossible for you personally to identify the perpetrators as they can walk by skimming person to person everywhere ...  while you are walking, shopping, sitting in a cafe or library, standing in line at the grocery store or in a bank, and even when traveling abroad. 

These signals are coming in on the 13.56 MHz radio frequency on all contactless bank cards. The signal travels around the wave antenna of the card to the chip, the brain of the Card. The chip is a high technology security model that uses this energy to return another radio signal, thereby forming an invisible e-shield all around your wallet.  That makes it impossible for intruding signals to get through and steal your identity and money from your Tap and Go Cards. 

This e-shield of the SCANBLOCK Smart Card senses the intruding signal and  automatically POWERS UP and by doing so creates a shield and repels the attacking signal, jamming it and blocking it until it goes away and is no longer a threat. When it's gone, the SCANBLOCK Card powers back down again. It will have effectively repelled the attack. There are no batteries required because the SCANBLOCK Card technology is a PASSIVE device, that means that it is powered up by the intruding signal that your SCANBLOCK receives, intercepts and blocks!

Remember, there are no unusual signs or behaviour that really stand out from normal activity so It's difficult to detect when electronic pic-pocketing is taking place. Let the SCANBLOCK Card work for you every time an attempt is made. Isn't the peace of mind alone worth it?  Scanblock lets you shop worry free and with complete confidence that your Credit and Debit Cards are safe everywhere you go. 

3. Q/ Does my SCANBLOCK Card have a problem at airport scanners?

A/ No, this is not a problem. The SCANBLOCK Card, although it may be detected by the airport scanner x-ray, will not affect it in anyway, and will be passed through. 

4. Q/ How long does the SCANBLOCK for Contactless Cards work to protect? 

A/ The SCANBLOCK Card for Contactless Cards should last for life. Since it doesn’t require batteries and is a passive device, meaning that it is powered up by the energy that it receives, the chip is rated to last for 100,000 protection cycles, which is equivalent to a hacker attempting to steal your information every day for about 273 years! Don't think you'll need the Card that long.    

5. Q/ How do I save with my Digital Entertainment SHOP & SAVE Memberships.

A/ Membership APPs are given away as a FREE introductory offer for your first year  when you purchase two or more SCANBLOCK Cards (with option to renew). See order page for details. It entitles you to receive 2 for 1 deals and up to 50% off everyday brand name shopping including, travel, lodging, fine dining, entertainment, shopping, car and truck rentals, movies and much more.

Thousands of products and services in over 10,000 cities in U.S. and Canada. Simply Show and Shop. Show the Participating Business your Membership Number on your Digital device and start saving.  It's that easy!

Please understand, this offer does not apply to Customized Business SCANBLOCK Card orders. 

If you have any other questions, please contact us by email at: support@scanblock.ca 

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